Santorini Rental Prices

Rent a Car, Bike and Quad

At Blue Island Rental we make Renting a Car, Moto, or Quad in Santorini seamless so you can get right on your way and discover the Island hassle-free!

Hire a car, bike, or quad bike and explore the magical Island of Santorini in a safe and cost-effective way. With our fully qualified staff be assured we will make your stay on the island an unforgettable experience.

Please note there is an early morning drop-off & pick-up fee: From 12:00 am to 8:00 am, Airport 25€ and Port 20€.  

10% Discount on your rental

When booking online you will get a better price and we also provide an added 10% discount on all our vehicles if you rent a car, bike or quad in Santorini for more than 4 days.

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