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Top 3 places to visit in Santorini with your ATV rental

It’s impossible to imagine Santorini without an ATV / Quad! In this post you will discover some of the best reasons why!

Why pre-book your Santorini Car Rental

We provide you with our top 3 reasons for pre booking your rental before you arrive at Santorini Island. Competitive price rental being one of them.

Easter in Santorini

An impressive and varied experience awaits those who are planning to visit Santorini island during the days of Greek Easter.

Top 3 places to see the Sunset in Santorini

Santorini sunsets, are famous all over the world and without a doubt it is one of the main reasons to visit the island….

Skaros Rock the Balcony of Santorini

The castle of Skaros was built aprox. between 1205 and 1230 and is the oldest small castle of the island.
Without a doubt , Skaros is one of the best spots in the island overlooking the breathtaking Caldera…..

Experience Santorini with our ATV tour

Enjoy Santorini in a fun way and discover some of most beautiful places on the island, with our guided ATV / QUADs Tour.

Rent a minivan in Santorini

Offer valid for bookings over 5 days, between january and march.

Private and semi private tours in Santorini

Santours is a company that organises, private and semi private tours on the Island of Santorini.

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