Rent a Car, ATV or Bike in Santorini

We offer delivery and pickup of your vehicle rental anywhere in Santorini.

Vehicle Type

Rent a Car, ATV / Bike in Santorini

Rent your car or bike from Santorini airportSantorini port and your hotel at no extra charge. We provide unlimited Kms, free theft insurance, free child seats and you can pay on arrival.

Get a 10%  discount when  you rent  your car, bike  or quad for more than 4 days.

Price From29€
Honda SH Mode 150
Moto B - 150
Price From35€
Fiat Panda
Category A
Price From59€
Kymco Quad 310
Quad - ATV
Price From61€
Price From62€
KIA Picanto
Category C
Price From68€
Kymco MXU-450
Quad - ATV
Price From70€
Price From80€
Smart Cabrio
Price From80€
Fiat 500C CABRIO
Price From81€
Price From86€
Price From89€
Price From122€
Price From131€
Rent Bike Santorini

A local Car Rental Business in Santorini

Welcome to Blue Island Rental

Our family business has come a long way,  and after years of experience in the car rental industry, we know exactly which direction to take in order to provide the best experience for our customers.  We constantly strive to improve and we always aim to offer our customers a variety of high-quality services, including our wide range of safe vehicles to rent in Santorini.

We started as a small business more than 10 years ago and we are on a constant mission to evolve and continue providing our customers with the best quality cars, bikes, and ATVs at the best prices!

We, at Blue Island Rental, believe in high quality and exceptional customer service., this is why we are one of the highest-rated rental companies on the Island.

Why choose us

We are a local business with flexible low cost prices

Premium service

Provide high quality service 24/7 to everyone who is looking to rent a reliable & safe car, bike or quad on Santorini.  All of our vehicles are new and in excellent mechanical condition and ready to rent.

Unlimited mileage on all vehicles

Enjoy your trip without thinking how many Klms you can drive, we provide unlimited mileage to all our vehicles.

Free Drop off & Pick up

During the day we deliver and collect your rental for free anywhere on Santorini. Rent your Car, Scooter & ATV at Santorini Airport, Santorini Port & your hotel.

After hrs fee: From 00:00am to 8:00am. Airport 10€ & Port 15€

Free Second Driver

When you rent  a car in Santorini there is no additional fee for the second driver.

Free Theft Insurance

Get free theft insurance when you rent a car, bike or quad on Santorini Island.

No Hidden Fees

You will get no small print and no surprises with Blue Island Rental. Rent a car, bike or quad in Santorini with  free drop off and pick up anywhere on the Island. You can also Pay on Arrival.

Make your reservation online now

Our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your details

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